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Canadian Tolerance
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New column day
Here, asking what we can do to make sure that individuals who seek help for their mental health and addictions issues through the criminal justice system find more support than Michael Zehaf-Bibeau did - both for their own well-being, a ... [read more]
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Thursday Morning Links
This and that for your Thursday reading. [read more]
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Things I Love Thursday
I love fibres!  In particular, I love these fibres! [read more]
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TORONTO - The Canadian Football League announced on Wednesday that it has fined two executives. [read more]
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The Regina Pat Canadians hosted the Yorkton RawTec Maulers on Wednesday and won their ninth game in a row, coming away with a 3-2 victory. Riley Woods scored from Jake Tesarowski and Riley Mohr at 2:27 of the overtime period to lift th ... [read more]
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Predictably, it all came down to Madison Bumgarner. He pitched five innings of near-perfect relief and the San Francisco Giants held off the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in Game 7 of the World Series. It is San Francisco's third championship ... [read more]
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Still hope: On Keystone, Crude Excuses Gone [read more]
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Who Said Soccer Hooligans...
...are all bad? Europe REVOLTS Against Islam, Unrest As 1000’s Kick Terrorists Out [read more]
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In his weekly radio appearance on 620 CKRM, Saskatchewan Roughriders GM Brendan Taman fielded questions on the state of his 9-8 team, the losers of five games in a row. [read more]
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Sounds simple enough
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WINNIPEG (CP) - He's closing in on 4,000 yards passing but couldn't get his Winnipeg Blue Bombers into the playoffs, yet quarterback Drew Willy is still coach Mike O'Shea's nominee for the team's most outstanding player this season. [read more]
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How To Make A Cereal Box Puppet (even if you have no craft supplies!) + an Ethel Merman Impression
I was gifted with 32 miniature boxes of cereal, which immediately threw me back into the summer vacations of my childhood. My mother used to pick up packs of miniature cereal boxes as a treat when we were at the lake. I didn't love it b ... [read more]
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Christianity And Christians
Among the most persecuted people in the world, but we never hear about it. [read more]
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Austrialia Is Nuts About Space
And Australian conservatives may just destroy Earth. What we don’t know, could demolish us faster than anything else. In the space age, it’s really flabbergasting that we’re not doing everything technologically possible to watch for NEO ... [read more]
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I don't know where this game came from or what it's even supposed to be, Eets was literally unplayable. [read more]
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Wizorb is not what I was expecting at all, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. At 2.99 full price it is impossible to argue with the value, and it doesn't hurt that it's kind of fun. [read more]
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From Walid Shoebat's...
...pen, to your eyes. Read and understand. [read more]
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Did You Hear About This?
Post by Australian Defence League. [read more]
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Rocket Mania Deluxe
Rocket Mania Deluxe is a fun game, there is just no other way to put it; it doesn't hurt that it's cheap either. [read more]
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Sensitive Skin Laundry Pack Giveaway
When my first-born was a baby, not only did we get a crash course into newborns and parenthood, we also learned about sensitive skin and how to avoid flare-ups pretty quickly. Elijah was my eczema baby and I was constantly trying to kee ... [read more]
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The Year Is 1970
Greenpeace saw it’s birth in 1970 in a Vancouver student dorm. After a 32-month fight for independence from Nigeria, Biafran forces under Philip Effiong formally surrender to General Yakubu Gowon. Black Sabbath’s eponymous debut album i ... [read more]
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My Favorite Place #QualityEssentials
This post was brought to you by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers via sheblogs. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the Canadian Association of Petro ... [read more]
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Wednesday Morning Links
Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading. [read more]
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Dr. V. Shiva at the #UofR #EarthDemocracy
Dr. Shiva gave an interesting talk about how system we’ve built are being used to manipulate individuals in societies all around the world into valuing money over life. #earthdemocracy #yqr #uofr pic.twitter.com/1Xsfu7I43n — Saskboy K. ... [read more]
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Tuesday Night Cat Blogging
Helpful cats. [read more]
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Sun Country Highway in Regina
I rode around in an Electric Vehicle (EV) today in Regina, and saw a (currently) still rare Tesla Model S in the city right now. Pick up some excellent EV tips, from a Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada perspective here, as James and I tour t ... [read more]
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I’ve Got The Travel Bug!
It was shortly after the last #VisitPV Twitter party that I felt it. That unmistakable twitch. That feeling that I could almost…if I closed my eyes and thought hard enough…feel the sand between my toes.  It was pervasive, constant, and ... [read more]
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Video: why prairie dogs matter
Here's a new video from Montana's American Prairie Reserve, explaining how Black-tailed Prairie Dogs benefit other prairie species from birds to bison. [read more]
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Openings and Opportunities
Saturday was awesome.  There weren't more than a half dozen people at any given time, but a steady flow came all day without a break.  It was so great to see familiar and new faces.  Pretty much everyone who came bought art - it was an ... [read more]
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