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Disney Princess Palace Pets – Holiday Gift Ideas
Cinderella’s pet, Pumpkin, comes to life with this adorable, interactive, remote-controlled puppy. The Disney Princess Palace Pets: Magic Dance Pumpkin can speak over a dozen phrases and sounds, follow movement commands from the light-u ... [read more]
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There are things we believe we cannot bear. But we can bear them. We do bear them. -Clara, in 'The Paradise' (tv series) [read more]
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Gunpoint is one of the more interesting games I've ever played. A low resolution spy thriller, it's all about stealth and not really about kills; stealth and really amazing jumping. [read more]
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The Roughriders held Day 1 of their practice week with a closed workout at Mosaic Stadium on Wednesday. [read more]
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Voice of the Pats Phil AndrewsSome thoughts on the week that was... [read more]
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It Looks Like...
...I may have to change my handle. [read more]
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Saskatchewan Birds 2015 Calendar
Greetings friends, [read more]
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Shooting On Parliament Hill In Ottawa !!! UPDATED
 - There have been 3 separate shooting incidents in and around the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada. Details are sketchy. Early reports that Soldier at War Memorial has died from attack. - At least two people were shot after multiple ... [read more]
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Ottawa Attacked
A sad day of note in Canadian political history, as Parliament Hill was under gunfire today. A soldier was also shot at the nearby War Memorial. Putting the day’s events into perspective though, are Canadians less safe today because of ... [read more]
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Fort Museum in Fort Macleod, Alberta: Part 1
Rediscovering history close to home, especially in the Canadian prairies, is always an eye-opening experience. The modern conveniences we enjoy today seem like a miracle when contrasted against the isolation and rustic living that exist ... [read more]
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This is Halloween
It’s drawing near to Halloween, and even in the fictional world of computer games are ghosts and goblins popping up.  Unless of course you play horror games, then that’s pretty standard fair all year round.  I decided to write a poem ba ... [read more]
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Wednesday Morning Links
Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading. [read more]
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Photo courtesy Jared DumbaREGINA -- The Portland Winterhawks earned a 3-1 win Tuesday in Regina despite being outshot 35-30. With the victory, the Hawks improved to 2-1 on the season-high six-game road trip through the East Division. [read more]
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WINNIPEG (CP) - With their season hanging by a thread, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers can at least look forward to the return of their regular starting quarterback on Saturday. [read more]
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James Shield's debut in this year's World Series didn't go as planned. Shield's only went three innings giving up five earned runs on seven hits as the San Francisco Giants beat the Kansas City Royals 7-1 in Game One. Hunter Pence hit a ... [read more]
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Introducing Pursebox
By Lisa Dutton… My ongoing hunt for the perfect purse has ended at Pursebox.ca – Canada’s premier online handbag boutique! This online store is a one stop shop for handbags… they carry everything from clutches to totes and everything in ... [read more]
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Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah is essentially a platformer, albeit a decent one. This Sega game that puts you as a rabbit running Hell (literally), who gets caught in a scandal and needs to destroy all the witnesses. [read more]
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Running Stitch Circles
 In my previous post I mentioned that the stitchery guild program for this year is to explore embroidery stitches from around the world.  September was to explore the embroidery of India and I've added circles of running stitches around ... [read more]
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Out of birthdays
I'm not quite sure how to start this, so if it seems like I'm rambling or rabbit trailing, I apologize.  I've had this post ruminating in me for a while, just not quite sure how or if I should share it.  But here goes.  I'll warn you no ... [read more]
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Africa And Bat Poo
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More Bales*
Another cross-country walk in windy perfect scented fall air. You can't really ask for more than that on your days off. [read more]
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Roof-Ready Regina – Round 2
The following was presented at the Alternative Housing Summit Press Conference on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 in Regina, Saskatchewan to put pressure on the City of Regina to take serious steps to improve the affordable housing crisis in ... [read more]
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Friday Night Frights (One Minion and the return of Frankenstein)
Originally posted on One Minion's Opinion: The intrepid explorers stood there, unsure what to do next. “Durrrrrr!” the thing mumbled. Floyd’s tail twitched nervously. “Did you hear that?” “Of course I did!” Lloyd blinked his eyes, hard ... [read more]
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Justin Trudeau: the man who would be prime minister reveals his past, his politics
Justin Trudeau: the man who would be prime minister reveals his past, his politics [read more]
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Justin Trudeau "The Fighter"
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Speaking of Crows ………………………………….. Phone calls poured into different authorities about hundreds of dead crows along a busy stretch of highway near Boston Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Health Commission called for an investigation and ... [read more]
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Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park
The scenery along the Icefields Parkway in Jasper National Park seemed never-ending, and Athabasca Falls was certainly further proof of that. Much like I did at Sunwapta Falls, I took every opportunity to stop and explore every scenic t ... [read more]
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Work in Progress (pass the mustard?)
I finished this one up.  It was rectangular, but do you think I have a frame to fit?  no.  It's a teeny edge shy of a 5x7" mat.  SO, 5x5" it is.  I have heard that square art has a more intimate feel than rectangular art.  I will make t ... [read more]
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The Malice of Musicians | Standpoint
The Malice of Musicians | Standpoint. This is a very disheartening inside view of how classical musicians treat each other. The money quote: Teachers are musicians who couldn’t make it on stage. Orchestras are populated with failed solo ... [read more]
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Tuesday Morning Links
This and that for your Tuesday reading. [read more]
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