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A couple of earlier posts have started a bit of a discussion about the messages which will be most effective in convincing voters - and particularly swing voters - to shift their votes away from the Harper Cons. But I'll take the opport ... [read more]
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Kurds get Snubbed
This should never have happened: [read more]
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Listen Up People...
...warmanistas. Here a little lesson in correlation versus cause and effect: [read more]
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Rotten Beach
Just a quick reminder, for those, who are heading to Vancouver for a break from our ice and snow. Take extra towels, and lots of disinfectant soap. [read more]
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REGINA (CP) - The Saskatchewan Roughriders acquired middle linebacker Shea Emry from the Toronto Argonauts on Saturday in exchange for defensive end Ricky Foley. [read more]
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Mandi preaches: The World According to Jesus – Matthew 5:1-20
Rev. Mandi Hecht preaches on Matthew 5:1-20 at Faith Community Church in Wakaw, SK on Sunday, January 25th, [read more]
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Sunday Morning Links
Miscellaneous material for your Sunday reading. [read more]
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I forgot to post something about this yesterday. In the spirit of "It's never too late" here goes: [read more]
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Some questions demand you to change
These questions are challenge my practice, but I’d rather stop identifying this by the century. [read more]
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Who Knew??
Genetically modified foods are "more ecofriendly" [read more]
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BRANDON -- The Regina Pats' losing skid hit five games Saturday night with an 8-3 drubbing at the hands of the Conference-leading Wheat Kings at Westman Place. [read more]
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NHL [read more]
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Queen Elizabeth II once terrorized King Abdullah — by driving him around [read more]
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On changing reputations
Following up on this post as to the value of a common message in countering the Cons' campaign spin, let's test out Stephen Maher's theory as to what the opposition parties need to offer: For years, Harper has missed no opportunity to ... [read more]
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The Canadian Weblog Awards Says Goodbye: So Long, and Thanks for All the Love
The 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards, whose winners were announced on December 15th, marked five whole years since their inception. FIVE YEARS. That amazes me every time I think of it. [read more]
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Get Ready for the Big Game with #GameDayFood!
Super Bowl weekend is just an excuse for me to make a ton of appetizers. I admit it. Super Bowl always falls around the weekend of my birthday, so I was never into the big Super Bowl parties because – you see – it’s all about ME on my b ... [read more]
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Counting Down to Disney
In just a few days we’re off to Disney World for a winter escape!  While the temperatures here have been up and down, I know that Orlando greets me with sunny skies and temps averaging about 20 degrees Celcius next week and that sounds ... [read more]
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On common messaging
It shouldn't come as much surprise that the new election year is bringing out the usual, tiresome round of calls for strategic voting and candidate withdrawals. [read more]
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REGINA -- The Moose Jaw Warriors spoiled the Regina Pats' party.  On the night the Pats' unveiled their splashy new video scoreboard before a season high 6484 fans, former Pats forward Jack Rodewald scored the winner on the powerplay at ... [read more]
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See Nature In A Spectacular New Light
Just announced this week, Blue Ant Media is sharing their new premium nature and wildlife channel Love Nature!  Launching with a national free preview to over 6 million homes in Canada, Love Nature shares the globe’s animals and landsca ... [read more]
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BALTIMORE - Marc Trestman had options. So did John Harbaugh. [read more]
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Saturday Morning Links
Assorted content for your weekend reading. [read more]
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Dora’s Mermaid Adventures
By Lise Merle… I am currently in that blissed out new Mama mind set, where I am totally in love with our two (TWO!) three-week-old newborn babies… *contented sigh* I am also completely sleep deprived and in that new Mama who also happen ... [read more]
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Song of the Day #47
Before I get into posting other stuff, I want to share this amazing song by an artist I've recently discovered in Ed Prosek.  I discovered him on Spotify.  It's one of two new song obsessions I have.  The full band version is great on t ... [read more]
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Sponsored Video: Road Warrior– 30sec – Life Well Travelled - Cathay Pacific
Here's an ad for Cathay Pacific. I'll assume they are legit in that I haven't heard about one of their planes going down. That's currently a big selling point for airlines in the Asia-Pacific. Anywho, the main message of the ad is that ... [read more]
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Wicked Thai Coconut Chili #TKeveryday
There’s no comfort food quite like chili because there are so many ways you can literally spice it up. This version utilizes coconut milk in place of tomato sauce and red curry paste in place of chili powder. Start by browning the groun ... [read more]
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Crazy Law Courts
Well, I finally found out why my Great-Great-Grand-Father jumped on a German boat to North America. [read more]
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Spreading My Wings
The good thing about blogging half as often is that I'm creative twice as much.  I have such a full year.  I've been enjoying the new body of work I'm creating through the Sask Arts Board grant.  It's a whole project of larger pieces, a ... [read more]
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Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea: Part 1
Located just outside of Niland, California, less than an hour away from the Mexican border, Salvation Mountain is a work of art unlike any other. Built by Leonard Knight, the mountain was constructed out of straw, wood, adobe, and gallo ... [read more]
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More signs of hope for Saskatchewan's pastures
mixed grass prairie close-up at a community pasture Last night, as I sat listening to Jason Unruh’s lecture on his research into how the oil industry is affecting grassland birds (a terrific talk and part of the Prairie Conservation A ... [read more]
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